you are a badass summary

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – Summary & Review (ANIMATED)

“You are a badass” by Jen Sincero is one of those books with a cheesy title that it is easy to discard as yet another BS took. But, if you ever mention its name to anyone know might have read it – you’ll be blown away by the overwhelming positive feedback you’ll get it.

People absolutely love it!

And for a good reason.

It is wonderful, relatively small book, filled with life-changing advice. It covers a lot of ground ground, so it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. All of the advice will resonate with you, but every page adds on new and new tactics and deep self-examinations.

But, fear not. I did the heavy lifting for you and created a You Are a Badass summary for you 🙂

This way, you’ll known pretty fast what the book is about and if you are going to become the next raving fan.

You Are A Badass Summary

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Author Jen Sincero was once not totally impressed with her own life.

Although she had a healthy family, was a published author and had enough friends to go around, she was constantly wandering

“Is this the best I can do?”

This question was nagging her so much that she embarked on a somewhat prolific self-improvement journey.

She poured over all the self-help books and courses she could get her hands on. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Eventually, she found success, YAY!

So, she decided to take every bit of self-improvement wisdom that helped her and share it in her now best-selling book “You Are a Badass”.

Let’s dig into it so you can be on your way to total badassery. 🙂

The book is split into 5 neat chunks or steps if you will:

  1. 1How you got this way
  2. How to embrace your inner badass
  3. How to tap into the motherlode
  4. How to get over your BS already
  5. How to kick some ass

And no, don’t worry, you won’t be kicking anyone’s ass really… other than some insecurities and doubts maybe 🙂

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty now.

you are a badass summary

1) How You Got This Way

This step is all about understanding the deep-seated beliefs that have been holding you back.

As we all know, there are two major parts of the brain:

  • The conscious, the one that you are (or should be at least) totally in control of
  • The subconscious

The subconscious is where most of the nasty holdbacks reside. The doubts, the insecurities, the negative-self image, the Ego and the potential self-loathing, you know, all that stuff that keeps you awake at nights (yikes!)

Those are the things that you need bring up to to surface first, before you can challenge them and eliminate them. You need to first become aware of them.

Then, with the help of being present (aka living in the moment and not giving too much though to the past and future) and connecting yourself to a higher energy (God, Universe, Mothership, whatever floats your boat), you can start correcting your self-perception into that of the total badass that you are.

2) How To Embrace Your Inner Badass

To become your best version and to free yourself of any insecurities, you first need to accept yourself. It sounds easy when you say it, but it is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

When you truly love who you are, you are free to live a rich and authentic life.

Start by appreciating how truly unique you are. In the billions of people who live right now and at least that many that have lived before you, there has NEVER been anyone exactly like you.

Take your uniqueness as the gift that it is and march forward.

On top of that, add a layer of not caring about what others think.

The fear of being judged and not accepted is holding you back from getting outside of your comfort zone. Only be breaking away from that fear, can you become your most powerful self.

It is not easy, I get it, but here is how to do it: don’t get caught up in the criticism, but also don’t accept the praise. You have to establish what is true for you, outside of anyone else’s opinion, good or bad.

You should become the only person whose opinion about yourself matters.

3) How To Tap Into The Motherlode

The motherlode of what you might be asking?

Some call it God, some call it the Universe or Mother Earth. You might call it Fate, Serendipity or Aunt Betsy.

The name does not really matter.

It is that abundant invisible energy that is everywhere around you. The author calls it the “Source Energy”.

And before you shut down this page for becoming way too New Age, let’s dig into it from a more practical side.

Source Energy is nothing more than mindfulness. Being able to become aware of your subconscious mind, control your attention and thoughts and generally put your mind at ease.

How do you that?

It all starts with meditation.

If you are already experienced, you know exactly what to do.

If you have never tried it before, start by sitting straight in a comfy position, close your eyes, release any thoughts that come into your brain and focus on your breathing. The goal is to keep your mind as clear as possible, so you can connect to that Source Energy.

Another tactic that the author suggests is to become in charge of your thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your reality after all. So, keep them directed towards your goal instead of the obstacles.

For that extra credit in Source Energy 101 try these 3 tactics:

  1. Get in touch with your younger self – the long-forgotten person who feared nothing and had big goals and dreams
  2. Form the habit of gratitude and forgiveness. When you are holding onto some form of resentment towards someone you are not concentrating on yourself. Let that negativity melt away and concentrate on gratitude instead. Try listing 10 things to be thankful for in every day.
  3. Giving and receiving – if you want to attract some good energy, you must send good energy first. Pick a good cause, or two and donate your time or money towards it. Leave a dollar more than what you normally tip. Smile, compliment people, make them laugh, pay it forward.

Now that you have tapped into the motherlode of Source Energy, let’s continue.

4) How To Get Over Your BS

Much like the rest of the book, this step is about letting go of your old stories.

Stop focusing on the negative, the self-limiting stories that might be framing your reality and you’ll realize you can create any reality that you want.

In the same fashion, stop procrastinating. You know what you need to do so go ahead and do it. Procrastination is nothing more than an easy form of self-sabotage. Instead of putting a ton of energy into coming up with excuses of why something cannot be done, put that energy into doing it instead.

Let go of the common overwhelm excuses such as “there is not enough time”, “there is too much to do” and “I’m exhausted”. Control your time and energy better and you’ll find that those were just neat excuses you came up with somewhere along the way.

Finally, get rid of fear.

The fear of moving forward and getting outside of your comfort zone. If necessary, look at the past. Mostly everything you were afraid might happen, never actually happened. Or try a different perspective – pinpoint what you are REALLY afraid of and then flip it around to make it work for you.

5) How To Kick Some Ass

You are almost a total badass at this point, but let’s take you to another level.

Start by DECIDING.

Decide to go for your goals, to stop listening to your excuses. Decide to change your habits and to learn to stay the course.

While you are at it, decide to change your relationship with money. Many people have a totally negative relationship with money, but not you, at least not going forward. Focus on abundance and put yourself in the best shape to manifest money.

And finally, surrendering.

This goes back to the Source Energy part of the book. Sometimes, even when you want something so badly that you work tirelessly to achieve it, things might not work out, at least not work out as fast as you want them.

So, what should you do?


Let the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in do it’s job.

Surrendering it not about giving up, but about having faith that your deepest desires and goals will eventually come into your life.

If that sounds a little bit “out there” for some, it’s because it is.

But, it goes back to the ultimate premise of the book – the only way to become a real badass, to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life is to believe that you are a badass already.

Your Turn Now

And there you have it, a You are a Badass summary to guide your life into the next level. It is a relatively short book that offers a TON of great advice, so it is quite easy to get overwhelmed.

Here’s how I suggest you go about becoming a badass:

  • Pick one of the above tactic – the one that resonates with you the most
  • Implement it
  • See how you life goes and how many resources it took you to do it
  • Pick the next tactic and repeat

The basic idea being – one tactic at a time. If you start looking into your self-doubts, while trying to take on meditation, fix your relationship with money and be grateful at the same time… chances are that you are going to get overwhelmed.

This is your life and it took you some time go get it to here. So, it will take some time to change it.


Question: which tactic resonated with you the most from this You Are A Badass summary? Let me know in the comment section below.