morning routine

How To Turn A Bland Morning Routine Into A Productivity Powerhouse

Successful and productive people know that how they spend their mornings has a tremendous effect on the rest of the day. You might be wondering: "What do these people actually do during their mornings that gives them the edge?" The answer is … [Continue reading]

you are a badass summary

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – Summary & Review (ANIMATED)

"You are a badass" by Jen Sincero is one of those books with a cheesy title that it is easy to discard as yet another BS took. But, if you ever mention its name to anyone know might have read it - you'll be blown away by the overwhelming positive … [Continue reading]

You Want Progress In Life? Stop Learning… Start Implementing

Your success in life is directly proportionate to your ability to take action and get stuff done. But... That is most likely the opposite of what you've been brought up to believe. Chances are you've been putting more emphasis on the thing that … [Continue reading]

improve productivity

Deliberate Practice: How To Improve Your Productivity… Fast

When you think of improving productivity, you most likely imagine fancy to-do lists, sophisticated calendars and glamorous lifehacks. Yet, the real improvements are hidden in plain sight. In getting better at the things that you do every single … [Continue reading]

12 Rules For Life By Jordan Peterson – Summary & Review (ANIMATED)

"12 Rules For Life" by Jordan B. Peterson is one of those ultra controversial books! Some people swear by it, while others cringe at the mention of anything Jordan Peterson. Hate it or love it, the book is definitely an interesting read that will … [Continue reading]

The Checklist Manifesto Summary, Review and Implementation Guide (ANIMATED)

"The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande is one of my most favorite productivity books! It is easy to read, extremely actionable and filled with real-life examples of every tactic. Dr. Gawande has a great style of writing that makes reading a … [Continue reading]