Deep Work Summary and Review

15 Impactful Deep Work Quotes To Get You Inspired

Cal Newport's fascinating Deep Work book offers a lot of phenomenal advice (check out this animated summary) that is worth not only implementing, but putting up on the wall of your home or office. Here are my favorite Deep Work quotes: "If … [Continue reading]

train your brain

How To (Automatically) Train Your Brain For Success

Everything around you affects how you feel and how much energy and motivation you have. Your surroundings can either help your success and productivity, or hinder them. The choice is yours. You can either let them feed negative, destructive, or … [Continue reading]

the secreto to happiness

The Secret To Happiness? Inbox Zero For Your Mind

The secret to happiness? A clear mind. It is not really a secret. I bet you knew it already. The big question is: how do you get there? How do you clear your mind and get rid of all that stress and mental clutter that is holding your happiness … [Continue reading]

regain focus

Got Interrupted? Here’s How To Regain Focus & Restart Work

Phone ringing, people coming to ask you questions, your own mind going in 5 different directions at the same time... interruptions are part of every-day life. There is even a scientific field dedicated to them called "interruption science", believe … [Continue reading]

Want To Be Happy? Optimize Your Downtime (3 Easy Steps)

Do you work hard? I bet you do. Here's a more interesting question though - do you relax as hard as you work? Do you optimize your downtime as much as you do your work and productivity? Most people don't. And that's why there is so much … [Continue reading]

5 Steps To (Finally) Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Let’s face it: From the time we’re kids, we know exercise is important. When we were children, though, it was much easier to get all the exercise we needed! After all, part of being young is being active. I remember riding my bike around my … [Continue reading]