do you have fake goals

Are “Fake Goals” Silently Killing Your Productivity?

Goals give a direction, a purpose, to everything that you do. Without them you are just aimlessly jumping from task to task and that can only lead to overwhelm, dissatisfaction and lack of success.

However, simply setting goals is not enough! You need to set the RIGHT goals for yourself and avoid fake goals at all costs.

Fake goals are on the biggest killers of success and productivity. Discovering if they exist in your life (and eliminating them if they do), should be high on your priority list.

Here’s how to do it:

If you want to be successful and productive, you need to have goals.

But, here’s the bad news: just because you have goals (even if you set them the right way), that does not mean they are the right goals for you.

How do you know if a goal is right for you? How do you know if what you are setting for yourself are not “fake goals”? What are “fake goals” and how can you tell them apart from the real ones?

If ever asked yourself any of the above questions (or some variation), you are in for a real treat as we are going to answer all of them right now.

The Fake Goals Trap

A fake goal is something that you think you want, but when you dig deeper (or even worse, when you achieve it), you realize that’s not something that you actually desired, or something that makes you happy.

Given that some of your goals might take years (and even decades) to accomplish, you need to be 101% certain that they are worth the blood, sweat, and tears that you are going to put into the work to cross them off your list.

There is no bigger waste of time and resources than becoming good at the wrong things

Now that you know what fake goals are, the bigger question is how do you avoid the fake goal trap?


How To Avoid Fake Goals

Making sure you don’t fall pray of fake goals is a two-step process.

#1 – Consider The Journey

A goal is your destination. The journey is the process that gets you there.

  • If your goal is lose 20 pounds, the journey is made out of all those early morning jogs and sweaty workouts.
  • If your goal is to become a published author, the journey is the writing process your employ every single day that churns out 20 pages almost on demand

Think about the journey for each of your goals. Is it something you enjoy? Is it something you look forward to?

The journey is what you’ll be doing almost every day for at least a few months (if not years) before you can bask in the sun of your achieved goal, so it has to be worth it.

If you want to start your own business, but you hate marketing and sales, you might have a fake goal. If you want to get back in shape, but the idea of exercise makes you want to never leaver your bed, it’s a problem. If you want to save up for that dream home, but budgeting your income and watching your expenses is something that repels you, it’s a problem.

Of course, not every journey is going to be filled with fun and enjoyment 100% of time. Sometimes you need make a sacrifice so you can achieve that big goal you’ve always dreamed of… but, it needs to be worth it.

The journey is something that you’ll be doing every day, week and month. If you don’t enjoy the process, if the dissatisfaction from your daily activities outweighs the satisfaction of achieving your goal, you have a fake goal on your hands.

If you set a goal and you also enjoy the process that you will get your there, you have a real goal. Go get’em tiger!

#2 – Consider All The Consequences

You often hear people say, “I want a bigger house.” That’s awesome (I want one too :)).

But rarely do people sit down and think of all the consequences of having a bigger house:

  • Your home insurance goes up (by a lot)
  • Your taxes go up
  • You have more rooms to clean. This means either more of your own time and energy spent, or more money for a cleaning service
  • You need more furniture
  • Your utilities bill goes up dramatically

That is not to say that you should not have a bigger home as one of your goals. A bigger house is an amazing goal… as long as you consider all the (realistic) consequences that come with achieving it, the good and the bad.

Often times, you get caught up in the good and the exciting and you forget to be realistic about what it actually means to achieve that goal. That can lead to the creation of fake goals. Goals that you get excited about, work hard to make happen only to be disappointed by the end result, because you did not consider all sides.

Take a few minutes and imagine you have actually achieved every singe one of your goals. What would happen if you do? What are the consequences that comes with those achievements? Are they something that you want or can deal with? Only you can make that decision!

What To Do With Fake Goals

If you have a fake goal on your hands, you are left with two choices: either alter the goal, or the journey.

If you want to lose those pounds (the goal), but you hate exercising (the journey), you can change the journey. Instead of exercising, you can adjust your diet in such a way that it supports weight loss. Or you can get involved into a sport that won’t feel so much like exercising. The options are only limited to your imagination.

If you went through some soul-searching and realized that the realistic consequences of getting that 7-bedroom dream-home are not what you hoped for, change the goal. Maybe you don’t need 7 bedrooms and you can be very happy with 5. Or instead of that huge pool in the backyard that you need to maintain all year round, you can install a tennis or basketball court that requires little effort to keep neat and clean, but it still makes you feel like a VIP. If you are not 100% happy with the consequences, adjust your goal until you find the perfect fit.

Your Turn Now

You have limited time and resources so you need to use them wisely and deliberately towards something that will truly make you happy and successful.

To avoid wasting your valuable resources, and possibly getting disappointed once you achieve a goal, always take the time to consider the journey that gets you there and account for all the consequences of making it happen. If something in the journey and/or the consequences doesn’t really add up for you, you may have a fake goal on your hand so make the appropriate adjustments.

Once you are in love with the journey, you are excited about the consequences, get to work and make those goals a reality!


 Question: do you have an example of a fake goal that you had? Share in the comment section below: