everything is figureoutable summary

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo – Summary & Review (ANIMATED)

Marie Forleo is a force to be reckoned with! A successful entrepreneur and business woman, a social media and marketing guru, a fitness instructor and a best-selling author, she does it all.


She outlines her best strategies, mindsets and tactics in her best-selling “Everything is Figureouable” book. It is a great read, but it gets a bit lenghty, so before you dig into the entire book, check out this animated summary. This way you would know exactly if these tactics are something you can use.

Everything Is Figureoutable Summary (Animated)

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Marie’s mom was a real-life cross between Superwoman and Jack of All Trades.

On top of being a parent, she could fix a leaky roof, retile the bathroom (all by herself) and use extreme creativity in stretching the tight family budget.

One day, Marie walked in on her mom fixing her favorite orange radio which had just broken down. Mesmerized by her mom working her magic, Marie asked:

“How on Earth do you know how to do so many different things that you have never done before?”

(it is worth noting that this situation occurred long before one could just Google the answer to every question and watch a how-to step-by-step video on YouTube).

Her mom casually replied “Don’t be silly! Nothing in life is that complicated. You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there and do it. Everything is figureoutable!

This answer stuck with Marie and became her life’s mantra (and of course the title of her book!)

Lets see how YOU can start making things “figureoutable” in your life.

The Creation Process

It all starts with what Marie calls “The Creation Process”. It looks like this:

Beliefs > Thoughts > Feelings > Behavior > Results

Beliefs lead to thoughts. Thoughts influence your feelings. Your feelings determine your actions and behaviors which ultimately dictate your results.

The key to success in life is to work on changing your beliefs.

Beliefs are like a track running underneath a train determining where you go and how you’ll get there. If you work on that first step, everything else in the process will eventually fall in line. Sounds pretty easy on the surface…

But, the problem with most beliefs is that:

  1. They are often instinctively created through some combination of the 5 Es:
    • Environment
    • Experience
    • Evidence
    • Examples
    • Envisioning
  2. Beliefs are pretty frequently self-limiting because protecting yourself is often seen as more important than taking a risk to in order to move forward.
  3. Beliefs are self-perpetuating – when you don’t believe something is going to work out, you often don’t even start it, which further solidifies the belief it’s impossible and the cycle goes on and on.

What can you do about all of this?

The 3 Most Common Excuses

Start by tackling some of the most-common excuses that run your mind.

1) “I don’t have the time”

Do you really?

If it’s important enough, you’ll make the time, if not, you’ll make an excuse.

It is really a matter of priorities.

If take a bit of your Netflix or TV time, a bit from your social media time or from other non-essential activities, you can possibly create 1 extra hour per day. That’s 7 hours a week that you can be putting towards your business, your health or whatever will propel your life forward.

2) “I don’t have the money”

More often than not, you don’t even need the money.

There are plenty of free resources on the Internet. You can take free courses, read free books (or watch their summaries) and learn almost any kind of new skill, fast.

And if you actually DO need money, say for a business venture, there are plenty of alternative financing available. From side jobs, to spending less, selling some things off all the way to crowdfunding, you have options.

3)  “I don’t know how or I don’t know where to start”

With the unprecedented growth of the Internet, this excuse simply is not a real one.

You can often learn the fundamentals of virtually any topic within hours if not minutes, free of charge or for a very minimal cost and at the privacy of your own home. No matter what your problem is, chances are the answer already exists and it is out there on the Internet.

So, roll up those sleeves and get learning.

Marie Forleo sums up all excuses very beautifully –

There are two kinds of people in the world – those with reasons and those with results.

Which one of the two do you want to be?

Getting Rid of Fear

In addition to kicking your excuses to the curb, you also need to tackle your relationship with a major force in your life – fear.

First, you can be absolutely certain that everyone is afraid.

All the time.

From newbies to experts and everyone in between fear is everywhere. In sports, in business, in arts and at home.

The big difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not the type or the degree of the fear but the way fear is interpreted.

For example, when Bruce Springsteen goes on stage – every single time – his heart is beating out of his chest, his hands get sweaty and his legs go numb. However, he does NOT see these as signs of fear, but as signs of excitement.

He chose to interpret them as a sign of readiness, not as him being afraid.

So, the next time you face something that you would call “fear”, pause for a second and ask yourself:

“What else could his mean?”

Make fear your friend instead of your enemy and you’ll be on your way to success and happiness in no time.

Everything Is Figureoutable Summary

Let’s sum it all up.

Here is how to make your life awesome and achieve your wildest dreams according to Marie Forleo’s Figureoutable philosophy:

  1. Believe that everything is possible and figureoutable. After all, almost everything that is around you at this very moment was once only imagined. You life will start getting better the instant you stop believing that achieving your dreams is impossible.
  2. Eliminate all excuses and start doing the work.
  3. Teach yourself that fear is not the enemy, but rather your soul’s GPS.
  4. Clarity comes from engagement. When you are feeling stuck or lost – take action.
  5. Start before you are ready. In other words, strive for progress not for perfection. Most people plan too much and do too little. You cannot figure it ALL out in advance. Overcome your indecisiveness by taking that first step and keep on marching forward.
  6. The world needs your unique gift – never forget that you are an unique human being with special capabilities and unique experiences. If you don’t share that uniqueness you are essentially robbing the world from the contribution that only you can make. The words of Marie herself “the world needs that special gift that only you have”.

Your Turn Now

Armed with this Everything is Figureoutable summary the question becomes – what are YOU going to do to move the needle in your life?

I would suggest starting by taking a closer look at your limiting beliefs, also know as your excuses. What story are you telling yourself that is preventing you from taking the next (or first step) towards you goals? It is really true? What can you do about it?

Question: what do you think is the most actionable part of this Everything Is Figureoutable summary? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.